“An experimental delight” – Jude Rogers, The Guardian

“Jo Burke…was fascinating too: a scholar of folk music, which she rearranges to dark, tempestuous, piano or strings, with her mellifluous, yet almost world-weary, voice skating over the top.” – Lisa-Marie Ferla, from a review of a gig at the Glad Cafe, Glasgow in October 2018, on her blog:

“…At this point, Jo told us some of the folklore behind these trees: ash was believed to be protective against bad spirits and hawthorn to have magical qualities, for example. And then some real magic – Jo sang Oak & Ash & Thorn…Her fabulous voice reverberated with all-encompassing clarity and magnificence. And this was how the walk continued. Inspection of trees and plants – plantain, cow parsley, burdock, speedwell, ivy and more – with a summary of their (and other plants) medicinal properties from Sarah Jane, so knowledgeable and passionate about the subject that it was infectious (no pun intended), interspersed by Jo’s retelling of the stories and folklore around them and her singing of folk songs. There were great stories too from Jo about the collection of the songs she sang and their origins. It was a great way of spending two or so hours: convivial company, being outdoors exploring natural surroundings, superb singing and stories and knowledge.” – Excerpt from Jonna Brett’s 5 star review of Culpeper’s Medicine Garden in May 2018 for Broadway Baby.  Full review:

“Local contemporary music group Lost Property’s performance lasted an hour and had a stripped-down ensemble of 13 musicians plus two singers: Mary Hampton and Jo Burke …

What really made the piece stand out was Hampton and Burke’s vocal contribution which provided an almost religious intensity of the piece, enhanced by the evening sun shining through the church window.” – Evening Argus review of ‘In C’, 27/6/15